History of the District Attorney's Office

The state legislature established the office of District Attorney during the 1965 session.
The first District Attorney election took place in 1966, and the newly elected DAs took office in January 1967.

The office of Justice of the Peace was abolished in Oklahoma in 1967.

The statutes concerning Justices of the Peace were repealed by the 1968 legislature, to take effect January 13, 1969.

After the creation of the office of District Attorney, the first person elected in the 20th Judicial District (Carter, Johnston, Love, Marshall & Murray Counties) was Burke Mordy.

After the change in the judiciary that abolished the County and Justice of the Peace Courts and created the offices of Associate District Judge and Special Judge, the first to hold those two positions in Carter County were James Dillard and Earl Brown.

Additional trivia about those two positions:
Only four people have been Associate District Judge in Carter County - James Dillard, Earl Levally, Tom Walker and Lee Card.

There have been seven Special Judges - Earl Brown, Luster Cook, Tom Walker, Mike Hisey, Bebe Bridges, Charles Tate and Thomas Baldwin.

Only one person in Carter County has ever been Special Judge, Associate District Judge and District Judge - Tom Walker.

Past District Attorneys
BurkeMordy JamesClark RonWorthen BlankDA
Burke Mordy
1966 - 1970 
James Clark
1971 - 1974 
Ron Worthen
1974 - 1985 
Fred Collins
1986 - 1995 
GaryHenry  MitchSperry  CraigLadd2010  
Gary L. Henry
1996 - 1998 
Mitch Sperry
1999 - 2005 
Craig Ladd
2006 - 2023